In celebration of Earth Hour and Earth Day this year, give an hour for Earth and create a fundraiser with your class for World Wildlife Fund.

Register below with just a few clicks to create a fundraising page. Set a fundraising goal of what your class or group will strive to raise by Earth Day on April 22. Start fundraising and pledge to spend an hour reconnecting with our planet once you hit your goal!

You'll receive a free Educator Guide when you register with lesson ideas, and you can earn prizes for the class when you hit different fundraising milestones.

How will you take Earth Day further with your learners this year? Click the button below to get started.




Why fundraise for WWF?

  • You'll receive a free educator guide with lesson ideas and learning activities about wildlife and conservation.
  • Your learners will learn about threats facing our planet and have the chance to make a tangible impact.
  • You'll be a part of a community inspiring a generation of environmentally conscious individuals to protect our planet for years to come.
  • And, you'll earn fun prizes when you reach different fundraising milestones!



Fundraising Rewards

Earn prizes when you hit different fundraising milestones. All prizes come in sets of 10, 20, or 30, depending on your group size (maximum 30 students), with the exception of the giant plush, which is one per group. Prizes available to US residents only.

Image of pencils and stickers

$50: Wildlife stickers and pencils

Image of polar bear folders

$100: Polar bear folders

Jumbo tiger plush

$250: Your choice of a giant plush (tiger, sloth, sea turtle, or polar bear)

Image of keychains and WWF shoelaces

$500: WWF shoelaces and keychains

Image of wildlife notebooks

$750: Wildlife notebooks



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